Our Governing Philosophy

The phrases and thought process among “bantu” or “vanhu” are now used by all and sundry; it could be discarded as boring. Yet, health and disease are only relevant because they are about people, they directly threaten the personhood, the -ubuntu, the munhu, the -botho.

As COVID-19 has shown us, a threat to one is a threat to all. That is just Ubuntu, said in another way! We are people, through other people. I am because you are. We are because you are. In fact, Ubuntu is performance, it is about care and giving care, its healthcare, it’s an organizational philosophy for building healthcare systems. I am here because of all the ancestors that have gone before me and have succeeded in being, progressing from now back to the beginning of time, to kutanga, to indabuko.

In each other, we find our existence, our essence, our humanity, our strength, our organizational motif. Like individual raindrops uniting to form a torrent, and torrents uniting to form waves, waves to form a river like the mighty Zambezi, and the river to form the sea, the power of destruction and creation of the combined whole is unstoppable.

That is the guiding principle of Praedicare Africa. Praedicare Africa is about performing excellent scientific work, clinical trials, through the ideals of Ubuntu. Praedicare Africa utilizes the interconnectedness of each other, “we are because of all other people” in all the African countries we work in. We organize based on this, to encompass the largest part of Africa.  The power of combining the multiple countries, the multiple groups and languages, families, and genetic diversity in clinical trial design, recruitment, and curing disease is like swift roar of the great river, the power and speed of a river after storm; the force of the combined is unstoppable. 

The late Professor Stanlake Samkange in his book “Hunhuism or Ubuntuism” [1980] perhaps best summed up what we are as Praedicare Africa, in his three famous maxims of Ubuntu:

  1. “To be human is to affirm one’s humanity by recognizing the humanity of others and, on that basis, establish respectful human relations with them.” (At Praedicare Africa only exists because of those around us and is only existent to affirm the humanity of others, by serving their health needs using cutting edge scientific medicine discoveries, biotechnology in the service of humanity).

  2. “If and when one is faced with a decisive choice between wealth and the preservation of the life of another human being, then one should opt for the preservation of life.” (At Praedicare Africa, we will conduct clinical trials with ethics, with integrity, and will lawyers choose human life over profit).

  3. “The king owes his status, including all the powers associated with it, to the will of the people under him.” (At Praedicare we humbly agree with servant leadership; we serve ordinary patients first).

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Leadership Team

Praedicare Africa’s team and board members were part of the African Academy of Sciences Clinical Trials advisory that mapped the entire African continent for clinical trial sites and principal investigators. Learn more about Praedicare Africa’s leadership team and board of directors. 

Leadership Team & Board of Directors

Ms. Sizakele Mphele

Ms. Sizakele Mphele is responsible for leading Praedicare Africa operations teams across Africa and brings more than 17 years of clinical trial management experience across the CRO and Pharmaceutical sectors. Former co-founder and managing director of LogicTrials SA (Pty) Ltd, a joint venture company with an international CRO based in the UK. Qualified Clinical Technologist in reproductive biology.

As a practicing reproductive biologist, she co-authored 2 papers published in international journals and presented several posters in international and local conferences. Member of South African National Research Ethics Committee – GCP Sub Committee from Jul 2009 to 2016. Previously led a national Phase IV HIV trial in South Africa funded by the US NIH with an excess of 6000 participants. Mentored and trained several CRAs in South Africa through a capacity building program from 2005 to 2015.

Ms. Mphele was part of a team that developed a benchmarking tool for managing clinical research sites which was subsequently published in a peer reviewed journal. Managed and monitored multi-centre clinical studies in the Southern African region for several global pharmaceutical companies and CROs.

EDUCATION: Master’s Degree in Technology: Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa.

Dr. Sumen Govender
Clinical Operations Director

Dr. Sumen Govender brings 25 years clinical research experience in various senior positions including Clinical Trial Manager for the Population Council in South Africa from 2002-2008. Clinical Trial Manager for the Population Council in South Africa from 2002-2008.

Managed and monitored studies on behalf of various global pharmaceutical companies and CRO’s and served as a consultant to the WHO. Published numerous papers in peer reviewed journals and has presented papers at many local and international conferences. Developed a GCP training course in South Africa which is accredited by the South African Medical Association (SAMA).

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science, University of Durban Westville, South Africa. Bachelor of Science with Honors, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. PhD (Obs & Gynae) – Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine, South Africa. MBA – Management College of South Africa. MMedSc – University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. Currently pursuing a Diploma in Pharmacovigilance and Medical Writing.

Greg Ambra
Board of Directors

Pharmaceutical / CRO executive with over 20 years of experience in clinical development across multiple therapeutic areas. CEO & Board Director, President of Clinical Services, DZS Clinical Services, Princeton, New Jersey, United States. Board Director, Medfiles Ltd, Finland. Founder and Director of Inquiry Research, merged with DZS in 2013.

Developed proprietary clinical trial software, ClinPlus eClinical, which was acquired ~15x EBIT (2017). Prior experience as Sr. Vice President, North America Operations, Noxopharm Limited; Director Clinical Operations and Strategic Services, ConvaTec, Reading , Berkshire, UK; Global Director, Clinical Data Management and Systems, Baxter Healthcare, McGaw Park, Illinois. Practice Executive, Clinical Development, Campbell Alliance (Syneos), New York, NY ; Director North America Data Operations, Kendle International, Northbrook, Illinois; Clinical Data manager, Parexel International, Boston, MA, USA.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY. MS in Medical Sciences, Boston University, Boston, MA, USA; MBA, William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA.

Tawanda Gumbo, M.D.
Board of Directors

Physician-Scientist and mathematical modeler who holds several patents for drugs and diagnostic methods. Developed several laboratory models, and mathematical models for translation from the lab to patients in therapeutics and quantitative translational pharmacology, for characterizing disease progression, and the immune system in patients.

Designed and ran several clinical trials in the USA, in several African countries, and in East Asia. Part of numerous data management and clinical trial monitoring as well as physician on record. Has received research funding from national organizations including US NIH, South African Medical Research Council, Gates Foundation.

Published ~200 scientific publications (see PubMed). Writes two chapters in Goodman & Gillman, considered the Bible of pharmacology. Sits on US NIH & WHO panels. Recipient of US NIH Director Innovator Award. Named one of 1000 Inspiring Black Scientists in America by Cell Mentor.

EDUCATION: MD equivalent, University of Zimbabwe; Residency in Internal Medicine. Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH; Fellowship in Infectious Diseases, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, USA. Diplomat in Internal Medicine (American Board of Internal Medicine) and Infectious Diseases (American Board of Internal Medicine).

Seageng Simon Makola
Board of Directors

Attorney and Conveyancer, and Member of the Legal Practice Council of South Africa. Vast management experience in corporate companies ranging from marketing management, management accounting, broadcast sponsorship sales, out of home advertising holding management, tender writing and evaluation and management, contract and relationship management with stakeholders and general legal management.

Advertising manager: Strategic Partners Group (Pty) Ltd. General Manager/Managing Director: Point of Presence (Pty)Ltd (POP), a wholly owned subsidiary of Old Mutual Properties(Pty)Ltd. Marketing and Advertising Management: Airports Company of South Africa Limited. Product Group Management – Gillette SA (Braun). Broadcast Sponsorship Sales Manager: South African Broadcasting Co-operation. Brand Manager: Unilever.

EDUCATION: B. Comm, University of the North, South Africa; B. Comm. Hons, University of the North, South Africa; LLB, University of South Africa, South Africa; Postgraduate Diploma in Tax Law, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.

Dr. Skhumbuo Ngozwana
Board of Directors

CEO and Founder of Kiara Health, Chairman of the Board at Biovac (South African vaccine manufacturer), and Board of Governors at Praedicare Inc., Dallas, Texas, USA.

Over 20 years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare space. His previous role was that of President of Serenus Biotherapeutics, a company he co-founded. He was also deputy CEO of Cipla South Africa. Dr. Ngozwana consulted for UNIDO, WHO, UNAIDS and USP on major Pan African pharmaceutical projects. He was part of an expert team of three appointed by WHO and co-developed and co-authored Ethiopia’s National Pharmaceutical Sector Strategy which is currently being implemented.

Led the development of the African Union’s Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plan for Africa that was adopted by the African Union heads of state and governments in 2012. Former Chairman of National Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (NAPM) of South Africa and the Southern African Generic Medicines Association as well as a founding and board member of the Federation of African Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers Association (FAPMA).

EDUCATION: MBChB (MD equivalent), University of Cape Town; M. Med Clinical Pharmacology. University of Pretoria; MBA, University of Pretoria.